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For award holders and riders in general there is some useful information “Covid advice for coaches and riders“.

Before you apply for ABMG
membership online, please take a minute to better understand the benefits
of being a member of the ABMG.

ABMG members are a selected association of Mountain Bike Guides and
Trainee Guides who work nationally and internationally; they lead, instruct,
coach, and guide with professional knowledge and skill.

They are collectively, highly qualified riders including world class mountain bikers,
International Mountain Bike Guides, Adventure Activities specialists and skilled

ABMG Membership Benefits

All members have access to the Hope Trade Deal which offers discount on
all Hope products including bikes.Also Endura are the ABMG clothing partner and offer discount on all their products

Individual and Limited Company Insurance is available at exceptional
rates, with bespoke UK and overseas cover, whilst working abroad.

ABMG are an executive member of EO-MTBing the International Guides
Organisation representing eight countries including France and Switzerland.
ABMG members are Associate Members of EOMTB and can seek advice and
be represented on matters such as Carte Pro, and Professional Working
Licences. ABMG Trainee Guides have gained Carte Pro and working
Licences through being members of ABMG.

All members have online support to Training, Advice and consultation
[email protected] on all matters to do with mountain biking Nationally and
Internationally and most importantly to Trainee Guides progression to the
coveted International Guides Award. Our support team links into all types of
mountain biking organisations and disciplines through our coaches and
associates that read like the Wikipedia of mountain biking, including DH World
Champions, Cycling Industry Leaders, World Standard Enduro Race
Organisers, International Conservation Organisations and Trail Centre

Thank you for your valued support 

The ABMG Team

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Call ABMG Administrator on 07889 751781
email: [email protected] or use the contact form.