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ABMG members are an association of Mountain Bike Guides who work nationally and internationally; they lead, instruct, coach, and guide with professional knowledge and skill.

They are collectively, highly qualified riders from world class mountain biking, International Mountain Bike Guides, Adventure Activities specialists and skilled Coaches.

They meet at workshops and hold regular meetings to provide and maintain the high quality of the scheme and respond to the ever changing demands of mountain bikers in the UK and Overseas
The Association of British Mountainbike Guides ABMG is the national association that:

  • Trains and assesses mountain bike guides in all aspects of leading, guiding, instructing and coaching mountain bike activities.
  • In partnership with EO-MTBing the European Organisation of Mountain Bike Instructor-Guides, ABMG offers professional standards for services offered by their members.
  • Promotes safety, enjoyment, and current good practice in mountain bike activities worldwide.

ABMG is an Executive Member of, EO-MTBing the European Organisation of Mountain Bike Instructor-Guides, which is the body that coordinates the standard qualification level of its ten national mountain bike guide associations. A British Mountain Bike Guide with an EO-MTBing Guide Carnet, is an internationally qualified guide with the knowledge and skills to guide worldwide.

The ABMG has three categories of membership.

  1. Organisation Member: Is a member organisation that ascribes to the aims and objectives of the ABMG and is accepted as contributing to those aims.
  2. Trainee Guide: Is a member who is training towards the full ABMG qualification and the EO-MTBing carnet. (Entry level is expected to be, Level 3 MB Leader from any of the UK awarding bodies.
  3. ABMG Guide: A fully qualified ABMG Guide with EO-MTBing carnet.

The ABMG and its members are “non political” and committed to working in the interests of Mountain Biking and Mountain Bikers at home and abroad

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